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Funny how we can set out a plan for one thing, and end up with something completely different.  As the saying goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men…”

While this issue has always been focused on the energy industry, we planned for a more balanced editorial this time. One that included one or two on the subject as well as a smattering of other topics. Instead, we found ourselves riveted by the articles that were presented. Thus, we have three articles centered in the public utility industry. 

“Creating Access toOpportunity” will give you an exciting look at the plans being laid for increasing MWDVBE participation in public utility business opportunities. “Boundless Energy” examines one forward-thinking utility’s inclusion of MWDVBEs in its sustainability process.  “Legislating Solutions” revisitsCalifornia’s GO 156 and its ongoing impact on MWDVBE growth and participation in the industry. It seems, once again, that public utilities are moving in the right direction and taking MWDVBEs with them.

Our plan for the Canadian supplier diversity article, “Going for the Gold,” was also a pleasant surprise—not that we didn’t expect it to be stellar, of course. Still, it is a superb example of how to prepare diverse suppliers for participation on large-scale projects. Hint: Start early. I know of a few upcoming projects here in theU. S.that could take a page out of their playbook. Throw in a different kind of energy, Feng Shui, and a peak at the challenges facing food and beverage suppliers and I think we still managed to have something for everyone.

It is never easy planning out an issue when there are so many good ideas from which to choose and such limited print space with which to work. So, some of you who are lucky to be subscribers to our digital edition will get a bonus article this month. And, you can look forward to more in future issues.

Tell us how we are doing or send us your ideas. E-mail me at or go to our website and comment anonymously. We truly appreciate your feedback.


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