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“We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever effects one directly, affects all indirectly.”— Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963

The recent democratic and peaceful transition of power from President Barack Obama to President Donald Trump represents a dramatic contrast in style and substance.The new president clearly plans on taking the nation in a different direction - in Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Environmental Rights, healthcare, international trade, immigration, minority business development, women’s business development, the rights of the press, and America’s role in the world.If anything, we are learning that history is often two steps forward and one step back; this appears to be the case as we enter into this scary new era. It also appears that everything that was associated with President Obama’s eight successful years in office is being reversed by President Trump. The ugliness of the campaign revealed deep societal divisions within our republic. The garment that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. described in 1963 is frayed, and it will be up to us as Americans to repair the damage.

The shock of the impending changes is over for me and I encourage it to be over for you, as well. Now is the time for action, not sulking in an electoral defeat that can be reversed in two years and in four years. Time will move swiftly if we remain active and vigilant. The Women’s March the day after Inauguration Day affirmed my belief that action is a cure to malaise, just as light is a disinfectant to rot, and that we are not alone in our desire for a just and humane world. Women and men of all races and ethnicities, from every corner of the country, Red States and Blue States, and even around the world rose up that Saturday to say that we will not stand for a rolling back of our rights to be human.

We at Enterprise Publishing Inc. will shed light on the issues and concerns of minority- and women-owned businesses, as we have since our founding, through MBE magazine and our social media platforms.We plan on contributing to the momentum and spirit of the Women’s March. The world needs to hear your voice, to read of your dreams, and know your soul. We are energized because the path of diversity has never been clearer, even if it lacks the support of persons in high places. We are energized because we know those who reject the value of diversity will learn that our connectedness cannot be denied, nor ignored. We are energized because we are a country of diverse peoples and if we are to succeed in this “grand experiment,” then we must continue to fight for what is right and true.

MBE magazine has always sought to earn your support. Now more than ever, we need that support. This magazine was born of a belief that knowledge is power and putting that power into your hands gives you the information you need to prosper. We are fighting for the things that are important to you. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s handwritten Letter from the Birmingham Jail, demonstrates the power of the pen to change society. We aspire to be that powerful voice for diverse businesses. Ironically, journalism was not where I thought I would be 30 years ago. I have no regrets however because I have witnessed the good story and the effect that story can have on all of us. I have the honor of knowing that you, the readers of MBE magazine represent that good story of overcoming great odds, of being knocked down but getting back up, of finding light in the darkness. You are my heroes, and now more than ever your stories need to be told.

Thank you to Dr. Fred McKinney of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth for his valuable contributions to this article.


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