Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship for Over 30 Years


8 Great Expectations By Emily Richwine
Believing in yourself can be a good business model.

16 Funding Growth By Julie Garella
The right kind of capital is vital to business development.

20 Managing Risk By Harry Ennevor and Marjorie Young
Getting the best protection for your insurance dollar.

26 After the Storm By Sherry J. Williams, Esq.
Disaster delivers new opportunities.

32 Capital Gains By Emily Richwine
The Business Consortium Fund is 20 years old and still growing.

38 Conference Roundup By Emily Richwine
Highlights from MED Week, the NASA awards ceremony, and the NMSDC, USHCC, and WBDC annual conferences.


10 The Experienced Edge By Emily Richwine
Past failures and lessons learned strengthen growing company.

23 Attitude in a Can By Emily Richwine
The Hip Hop Beverage Corporation - Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum.

26 Thinking Outside the Border By Curtice K. Cultice
There's a lot of information available, if you just know where to look for it.

36 Moving Forward By Emily Richwine
Suppliers find opportunity and support within the transportation industry.

46 A Greater Purpose Compiled by Barbara Oliver and Emily Richwine 
NMSDC councils work toward a common goal.

56 Diary of Minority Supplier By Timothy B. McDuffie
Part 3: Expectation Postponed.

62 Wendy's By Emily Richwine
Better than ever.

65 A Clean Concept By Emily Richwine
RaZbaby Innovative Baby Products - Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum.

68 Business in a Box By Roger Quinland and Kendal Tyre
A franchise may be prepackaged, but you still have to do your homework.

76 A Taste of Success By Emily Richwine
Eat Your Heart Out! - Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum.

80 Reverse Auctions By B.J. Hawkins, Ph.D.
Are we moving forward or backward?

86 Strategic Alliances Book Review
Partnering for Profit - Success Strategies for Tomorrow's Supply Chain.

90 Conference Roundup
Highlights from the WBENC National Conference and the Department of Energy's 6th Annual Small Business Conference.


Branching Out By Emily Richwine
With business growing across Minnesota, Gae Veit continues to nurture her commercial construction company.

Beyond Bankruptcy By Christen Liebenberg
MCI maintained its supplier diversity focus during reorganization, emerging with extensive plans for the future.

The Next Quarter By Leonard Greenhalgh, Ph.D.
After 25 years of success, the Tuck School reengineers its approach to supporting supplier diversity.

Now That's Better By Christen Liebenberg
Sprint's supplier diversity process makes connections throughout the supply chain.

At Your Service By Christen Liebenberg
Eleven of the country's largest hotel chains are sharing strategies to create opportunities for minority suppliers .

Government Contracting 101 By Carole Hart
The basics of working in the public sector.


Looking for the Sweet Spot By Emily Richwine
Hispanic advertising agency finds success by connecting with the community.
In the Zone By Rosalind McLymont
The CAFTA-DR debate has already opened doors of opportunity.
Caregiving By Antoinette Ford
A business owner‘s unplanned transition.
Growth Potential By Emily Richwine
The hybrid market promises new business opportunities down the road .
Fostering Commitment By Emily Richwine
The MBDA continues to strengthen its mission to support minority businesses nationwide .
Driving Diversity By Emily Richwine
Minority-owned firm delivers the goods for Coors Brewing Company.


The Serendipity Effect By Christen Liebenberg
Taking the first step allows everything to fall into place.

Super-Sized Profits By Deborah House
Maximizing the revenue pie, regardless of franchisor involvement.

Powering the Dream By Emily Richwine
David Hernandez's entrepreneurial vision fuels his expanding energy services company.

Advanced Opportunity By Emily Richwine and Christen Liebenberg
Universities that embrace supplier diversity are providing a volume of new business possibilities.


Effective Negotiating By Vernestine Davis
What every entrepreneur should know before signing a contract.
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