Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship for Over 30 Years


A Golden Opportunity By Emily Richwine
Gwendolyn Smith Iloani gilds her own road to success in the private equity industry.

Building Capacity By Ralph G. Moore
A corporate initiative aims to help emerging minority businesses grow.

Investing in Diversity By Emily Richwine
Northwestern Mutual makes minority- and woman-owned firms a key part of its business strategy.

Supplier Spotlight 
Entrepreneur proves relationships matter when starting new ventures.

Tax Strategies By Karin Larrave Godfrey
Leveraging tax efficiencies can reduce costs and improve employee retention.

Conference Roundup Compiled by Laura Weiner
Highlights from MED Week, USHCC, and NMSDC national conferences.

Capital Gains By Emily Richwine
The Business Consortium Fund begins to realize long-term goals.


The Ideal Entrepreneur By Emily Richwine
If it's true that we create our own luck in life, then Frank Venegas is living proof.

Growth Potential, Part II By Emily Richwine
Alternative fuel technologies drive the automotive industry.

Treating Man's Best Friend By Emily Richwine
Chomp, Inc.—Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum.

Brewing Innovation By Emily Richwine
JavaVoo, LLC—Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum.

A Hole in One By Emily Richwine
Tee and Cue, Inc.—Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum.

Staging a Comeback By Rosalind McLymont
The entertainment industry regroups after a failing diversity grade.

Diary of a Minority Supplier By Timothy B. McDuffie
Part 4: The Flywheel.

Corporate Spotlight: UPS By Fritz Valsaint
The worldwide delivery company tells how it has built a meaningful supplier diversity program.

Eye on Washington By James Byrne
Small business news from our nation's capital.

The Next Level By Sandra Guy
Minority-owned firm helps corporations step up supplier diversity tracking.

Q&A with Dr. Mikel J. Harry Compiled by Emily Richwine
The Six Sigma guru puts this popular business process into perspective.

Benchmarking By Sharon Castillo
A tool for supplier diversity process improvement.

The Net of Networking By George C. Fraser
It all begins with who you know.

The New Tools of Negotiating By Patricia J. Moser-Stern and Susan Foran
Caution is needed when doing a deal in the digital age.

Women's Business Development Center By Chris Ruys
Celebrating 20 years of helping women.


A Century of Success By Emily Richwine
Smead Manufacturing Company’s ongoing legacy.

Viva Las Vegas By Emily Richwine
New construction projects are a virtual jackpot for diverse contractors.

The Politics of Affiliation By Ralph C. Thomas III 
Today’s approval may be tomorrow’s denial.

Franchise Facts By Roger Quinland and Kendal Tyre
Where to get essential information.

Communicating Commitment By Matthew J. Flanigan
Telecommunications supplier diversity program still growing after 10 years.

Prescription for Diversity By Emily Richwine
Pfizer continues to strengthen its initiatives for minority- and woman-owned businesses.

Work Essentials By Nina Bondarook
Maximizing software can increase productivity and the bottom line.

Mission: Growth By Tyrone C. Taylor
Utilizing technology transfer for business success.

Taking Care of Business By Emily Richwine
Office Depot helps woman-owned firms find success.


Knocking on Doors By Emily Richwine
Robert Ontiveros finds opportunity by meeting his clients’ needs.

A World of Opportunity By Emily Richwine
Commercial development to highlight diverse businesses.

Healthy Choices By Milton J. Hall
Creative strategies can help control healthcare costs.

Getting Real By Emily Richwine
Strategic partnership changes the face of commercial real estate.

Diversity by Choice By Emily Richwine
Choice Hotels uses unique initiative to create an inclusive culture.

The Facts on FACTA By Adell Smith and Bessie Metcalfe
Federal identity theft law puts businesses on the spot.

Economic Inclusion By Franklin M. Lee
Municipalities still mean business.

Intellectual Property By Alan Gorman 
Protecting it is the smart thing to do.

Work Essentials By Nina Bondarook
Today’s technology enables new breed of road warriors.


A Model Businessman By Emily Richwine
William Mays proves that doing good can also mean doing well.

Talent Wars By Rosalind McLymont
Surviving when the competition is fierce.

Putting It All Together By Emily Richwine
Cargill strengthens supplier diversity efforts by aligning corporate goals.

Offshoring By Patricia J. Moser-Stern
Paragon or Pariah?

The Power to Deliver By Emily Richwine
Utility industry counts on minority- and woman-owned businesses in times of emergency.

Personal Protection By Hamida Jackson-Little
How business owners can safeguard their personal assets.

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