For minority and women supplier diversity business entrepreneurs

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Saving the Environment By Laura Weiner
Conservation consultant helps customers save more green by going green.

Playing by the Rules By Emily Richwine
Small businesses struggle with how size standards are calculated.

Cities in Transition - Part I By Emily Richwine
Gateway City puts its hope in supplier diversity.

Staffing Solutions By Laura Weiner
Early exposure to business inspires entrepreneurial sisters.

Corporate Strategies By Emily Richwine
Schering-Plough: The competitive advantage of online registration.

Putting Out the Welcome Mat By Laura Weiner
Making African Americans feel at home in the lodging industry.

Eye on Washington By James Byrne
Advocates seek evidence to support affirmative action programs.

Litigation Strategies By Sherry J. Williams, Esq.
Defending an M/WBE program.

Diversity Alliance for Science By Laura Weiner
New organization connects life science suppliers and pharmaceutical corporations.

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MBE's Business Opportunities resource covers business-related financing, consulting, and programs available for the Supplier Diversity community and M/WBEs. Updated monthly.


MBE's M/WBE Resource Directory is a comprehensive list of resource organizations (including links) that support the Supplier Diversity community and M/WBEs.


Refer to MBE's Acronyms & Terminology list for frequently used acronyms and terminology and an overview of the major organizations supporting the Supplier Diversity community.


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