Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship for Over 30 Years


Playing to Win     By Laura Weiner
Entrepreneur keeps his eye on the goal.

Cities in Transition—Part III     By Emily Richwine
City of Angels provides opportunities, despite challenges.

Accenture     By Laura Weiner
Delivering high performance through supplier diversity.

Alternative Financing     By Dominic Ortiz
Factoring in all the options.

Eye on Washington     By James Byrne
Complaints filed against state highway programs.

Conference Roundup     Compiled by Laura Weiner
Highlights from the MED Week, USHCC, and NMSDC conferences.

The New BCF     By Emily Richwine
Meeting the challenge.


Sailing to Success By Laura Weiner
Delivering on promises delivers continued growth.

Cities in Transition: Part II By Emily Richwine
Redefining the Motor City.

Supply and Demands By Simon Croom, Ph.D. and Craig Barkacs, J.D.
Better negotiation starts with better relationships.

Crashing Into the Global Economy! By Robert Wallace
Our way isn't the only way.

Global-Link By Laura Weiner
NMSDC strengthens the chain.

ADM By Emily Richwine
Planting seeds of opportunity.

Framing an International Opportunity By Curtice K. Cultice
Exporting affordable housing

Eye on Washington By James Byrne
Overcoming the legacy.

Teamwork By Laura Weiner
Office Depot takes on a new partner.

A Valued Supplier By Emily Richwine
Perfect Pairing.

Marketing Experience By Laura Weiner
Understanding and communicating the corporate story.

Corporate Strategies By Emily Richwine
Manpower: Facilitating collaboration.

Corporate Strategies By Laura Weiner
ArvinMeritor, Inc.: Maintaining supplier diversity despite industry cutbacks.


Fearless By Laura Weiner
Personal touch sets staffing firm apart from competitors.

Turning Trash into Cash By Nadine S. Bartholomew
Opportunities for growth.

Signposts on the Road to Success By Patricia J. Moser-Stern
Exceptional women share their "1 Piece of Advice."

The Ripple Effect By Laura Weiner
Business owner pays it forward.

HMSHost By Emily Richwine
Helping entrepreneurs take flight.

AMAC By Ollie W. Dowell
Celebrating 25 years.

Survival Strategies By Frank Robinson
Advice on getting through the financial crisis.

Eye on Washington By James Byrne
Is economic help on the way?

Coach Commandos By Leslie Saunders and Susan Phillips Bari
Whether here or there, stay in touch.


Saving the Environment By Laura Weiner
Conservation consultant helps customers save more green by going green.

Playing by the Rules By Emily Richwine
Small businesses struggle with how size standards are calculated.

Cities in Transition - Part I By Emily Richwine
Gateway City puts its hope in supplier diversity.

Staffing Solutions By Laura Weiner
Early exposure to business inspires entrepreneurial sisters.

Corporate Strategies By Emily Richwine
Schering-Plough: The competitive advantage of online registration.

Putting Out the Welcome Mat By Laura Weiner
Making African Americans feel at home in the lodging industry.

Eye on Washington By James Byrne
Advocates seek evidence to support affirmative action programs.

Litigation Strategies By Sherry J. Williams, Esq.
Defending an M/WBE program.

Diversity Alliance for Science By Laura Weiner
New organization connects life science suppliers and pharmaceutical corporations.


Designing His Own Destiny By Laura Weiner
African American architect's work goes beyond black and white.

Alternative Energy By Nadine S. Bartholomew
Opportunities for growth.

Franchising Dreams By Laura Weiner
Persistence is key to achieving long-term goal.

Corporate Strategies: United Technologies By Laura Weiner
Offering a united effort in supplier diversity.

Eye on Washington By James Byrne
Advocates are trying to help M/WBEs get contracts under stimulus legislation.

The Road to Recovery By Sherry J. Williams, Esq.
Will minorities and women get a seat on the bus?

Helping Hands: Part IV By Reginald K. Layton
Best practices in supplier diversity.

Secrets of Success By Emily Richwine
The Kroger Co. makes the connection between supplier diversity and ROI.

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