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Branding Your Life
Branding is ever popular today, and naturally, as a branding expert, I’m thrilled! Survey the stories of today’s branding sensations and it’s commonplace to hear of people who found themselves at the bottom of poverty, some living in cars,some on the streets, some going days and weeks without the basic necessities of life, penniless, standing in soup lines,but holding onto faith or a positive and encouraging word which somehow helps them bounce to higher heights than before their own fall.

Branding after Life’s Challenges
We all have a story of triumph within us. Some of us have found ways to share our story, and even profit from such trying journeys. Tyler Perry, playwright, filmmaker, actor, and media giant is a great example. Perry shares his personal story and the world can see how one play turned into many, followed by movies, and the launch of many amazing projects and collaborations.

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Sage recently surveyed nearly 550 U.S. small business owners to determine their outlook and hiring plans for 2015, including their plans of attack for business growth and their potential challenges. Overall, U.S. small business owners reported their company performance was good or very good in 2014, and they expect 2015 to be a better year for them than 2014...


Toyota named Chuck Hendrix as supplier diversity manager for Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA). Since beginning his career with Toyota in 1996, Hendrix has held several managerial positions within TEMA’s Purchasing division including Project Management, Education & Development, Systems and Strategy, as well as the procurement of component parts within the Chassis department. He also served as corporate diversity manager where he was responsible for advancing TEMA’s overall diversity initiatives.

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The MBDA Business Center of Pennsylvania (MBC-PA) and The Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia have signed a memorandum of understanding to create a partnership that provides valuable resources to minority-owned firms including increased access to procurement opportunities, increased access to capital, exporting assistance and advisory board services.

“Rather than recreating the wheel we are trying to find programs and initiatives where we can take our core strengths from each group, bring them together and serve that community every better,” said Dan Ross, executive director of EFGP.

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