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As I write this, it is my birthday. And, it occurs to me that I am about the same age as Ginger Conrad when she  launched this publication 29 years ago. Reflecting on this, I'm just a little nervous. The world has changed a lot since 1984 and we are embarking on a new era for MBE magazine. 

Social media is all the rage now; not e-mails. The speed at which news travels is lightning fast and the filter is small, and getting smaller. The attention span of the average reader is, well, short. There are multiple forms of communication-from text messaging to video. As a communication medium, we must keep up or be left behind…for good. Still, there are some things that we are not willing to do.

For nearly 30 years now, MBE magazine has resisted the popular ploy of producing lists as a way to increase support from corporations. This is not to say that some of those programs and individuals don't deserve recognition-but these lists are created based mostly on information that is voluntarily given. It raises the question: if some participate voluntary and others opt out, how do we know that the rankings are truly representative? As one veteran supplier diversity leader put it-when you do something noteworthy, then we will award you that recognition.

We have been asked many times over to create lists. Although this is what corporations seem to want, we want more. More opportunity, more contracts, more engagement. We prefer to hold a spotlight on industries, corporations, and minority and women business enterprises. Drill down to the root of these companies, get to the heart of these programs and initiatives and have our readers-you-decide if they are worthy of praise.

We created the Corporate Strategies, Different Drummers, and Ripple Effects series as a way to do that. Now we have added two new ways to highlight the industry and those who support supplier diversity. On the Scene with MBE magazine is our new online gallery, Here we present pictorials of events as we see them throughout the year. Our YouTube Channel recently debuted a series of videos at, giving our visitors insight into MBE magazine and allowing them to hear from some of our advertisers, supporters, and past cover features. 

We will be adding more to our roster of offerings as we lead up to our 30th Anniversary 

Celebration next October in Orlando, Florida. If you would like to participate by sponsoring, send an e-mail to for more information.

On a more personal note, my thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes via e-mail and social media. It was great hearing from so many of the friends and colleagues I've met over the years. As caretaker of this legacy that is Ginger's, and now mine, I and my team look forward to continuing this journey with you.


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