Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship for Over 30 Years


Diversity Advocate By Samantha Ofole-Prince
Changing the face of the legal profession.

Ten Business Tips from Mass Mutual By Marland Richardson
You know how to assess your clients' needs; however, it's easy to neglect your own.

Corporate Strategies By Nadine S. Bartholomew
Jones Lang LaSalle: Satisfying the customer.

Tax Tips for Small Businesses By Mike D'Avolio
New tax incentives for small businesses.

Negotiating Loan Guaranties By Kenneth Neale
It always pays to read the fine print.

Conference Roundup Compiled by Barbara Oliver and Nadine S. Bartholomew
Highlights from the MED Week, USHCC, and NMSDC conferences.


Paying it Forward By Samantha Ofole-Prince
Good turns yeild results,whether you’re the recipient or the donor.

Globalizing Opportunities for Women and Minorities
By Elizabeth Vazquez and Eric Vicioso

What's Keeping Diversity Professionals Up at Night? 
By Mark Sebree and Rose Davis

Riding the Tide By Nadine S. Bartholomew
Woman-owned businesses assist in the Gulf of Mexico cleanup.

Building High-Speed Railroads By Darryl Samuels
Minority contractors face uphill battle for inclusion.

Franchising Your Business By Roger Quinland, Esq.
Six questions an entrepreneur should ask before making the decision.

Retail Roulette By Carolyn Muse Grant
Risking it all on a cosmetic idea.

Reaching the Pinnacle By Thomas G. Dolan
Healthcare giant achieves lofty supplier diversity goals.

Small Talk with the SBA By Marie Johns
More tools for small businesses in underserved communities.

WBDC Celebrates 25th Anniversary By Chris Ruys
Celebrating 25 years of helping women launch and expand their businesses.


A Virtual Success By Samantha Ofole-Prince
Growing a business without an office.

Building Bridges and Crossing Barriers By Tina Dortch
The National Association of Minority Contractors continues the mission of its founders.

Small Talk with the SBA By Marie Johns
New tools for woman-owned businesses.

Up, Up, and Away By Carolyn Muse Grant
Reinventing the travel agency model.

Organic Success By Nadine S. Bartholomew
Women find a natural fit in the organic food industry.


Success from a Box By Samantha Ofole-Prince
Seizing the opportunity - in the right place at the right time.

Reflections By Suresh Kumar
North Africa and the Middle East offer new opportunities for U.S. companies.

Small Talk with the SBA By Marie Johns
The Small Business Jobs Act provides additional support for small businesses.

Riding High on Supplier Diversity By Nadine S. Bartholomew
Auto rental company exemplifies supplier diversity commitment.

Educating Patients and Providers By Carolyn Muse Grant
Overcoming a daunting disease leads to a lifetime career in healthcare.

Growing Together By Ralph Thomas
Joint ventures update.


Turning Belief into Reality By Emily Richwine
A growing vacuum in the electricity industry generates a huge opportunity.

Corporate Strategies By Emily Richwine
Nestlé: Finding the sweet spot.

Small Talk with the SBA By Marie Johns
New initiatives will provide loan guarantees and enable community and preferred lenders to streamline their processes.

Africa By Kendal Tyre and Diana Vilmenay
A continent rich with franchising opportunities.

Here's Your Homework By Karmetria Dunham Burton
Real-world assignments from a real-life supplier diversity manager.

Growing Together By Ralph C. Thomas III
Building your business with joint ventures.

Success Stories By Emily Richwine
Ford Motor Company measures supplier diversitysuccess by tracking individual successes

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