For minority and women supplier diversity business entrepreneurs

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September/October 2012

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Waste NotBy Carolyn Muse Grant
Learning from experience positions Christopher Che for ultimate success.

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Global ConnectionsBy Susan Baka
Supplier diversity takes hold in Canada.

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Corporate StrategiesBy Amy Elizabeth Goudy
WWT: Inspiring businesses.

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Maximizing the Multicultural Dollar    By Nadine Bartholomew
Changing demographics offer expanded opportunities for M/WBEs in food products.

The Ripple EffectBy Glenn Stafford
Preparing inner-city youths for real life.

What’s Keeping Diversity Professionals Up at Night?By Dr. Mel Gravely
A question of value.

Eye on WashingtonBy Kimberly Atkins
Congressional inaction could stifle small business growth.

Getting on the GridBy Nadine Bartholomew
Electric utility weighs in with  MWBEs.

How Women LeadBy Sharon Hadary and Laura Henderson
Top five strategies for building multimillion-dollar businesses.

The 15-Year Overnight Sensation   By Amy Elizabeth Goudy
Navigating the road to success.

A Career in the Foreign Service   By Phillipa Olsen 
A conversation with a regional director for the U.S. Commercial Service.

Diverse and Diversified
Two minority suppliers prosper during the recession by reaching out to new sectors.

Corporate Strategies    By Lisa Kelly Leigh
Alabama Power: Providing opportunities to grow.

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