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Minority Business Entrepreneur (MBE) magazine is published bi-monthly by Enterprise Publishing Inc. and serves as a nationwide forum for minority and women business owners, corporations and government agencies concerned with minority and women business enterprise development.

MBE magazine examines affirmative action and procurement programs in the public and private sectors, and provides in-depth coverage of crucial issues affecting the growth and survival of minority- and woman-owned businesses. Each issue also features the success story of a prominent minority or female entrepreneur whose life and accomplishments may serve as a role model for others.

Founded in 1984, MBE magazine has maintained a strong commitment to economic parity as a lasting solution to the ills of poverty and discrimination and has as its mission to:

Inform - by reporting on issues critical to the growth and development of minority owned firms;

Educate - by examining the purpose and intent of minority business development legislation and programs; and

Inspire - by featuring in depth profiles of successful entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries, whose accomplishments make them outstanding role models for others.

What Readers Say...

Cover of March/April 2011 issue of MBE MagazineMBE
 magazine receives many letters from its readers.
The following excerpts from letters typify reader response
to the in-depth features and exploration
of critical business issues by
MBE magazine's staff and contributing writers.

“Over the years, MBE magazine has been a crucial information source to us in our efforts to chronicle the effects of legislation and court decisions on minority owned businesses...Your quality publication stands at the top of its field for advocating the concerns of the minority business community...”
    Anthony Robinson, President
    Minority Business Enterprise Legal Defense
    and Education Fund, Washington, D.C.

“Your publication is excellent. Please continue sending us multiple copies so that we may make them available to the hundreds of women business owners coming through our offices...”
    Hedy M. Ratner, Co-director
    Women's Business Development Center
    Chicago, Illinois

Cover of May/June 2010 issue of MBE Magazine“As a former Director of AMAC, I have read MBE magazine for many years and have enjoyed all the articles, but I feel especially sensitive to the recent Publisher's Page about the Adarand case. It was superbly written and should serve as a wakeup call for all of us who believe in the justification of affirmative action.”
    Chuck Taylor, Senior Manager
    Office of Small Business Development
    Southwest Florida International Airport

MBE magazine plays an important role in encouraging and sustaining minority business initiatives while, at the same time, ably attracting and focusing much needed minority business community support. Please accept my best wishes for the continued prosperity of the magazine, its readers, and - most important - the entrepreneurs whose businesses it enhances.”
    Kweisi Mfume, President, Chairman and CEO, NAACP
    (former U.S. Congressman and Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus)

“You have praised the efforts and successes of minority owned firms long before the term 'minority owned' came into vogue...”
    Leon Robinson, President
    Robinson Bus Service
    Chicago, Illinois

Cover of the September/October 2009 issue of MBER Magazine“Let me join with hundreds of others in praising the excellence of MBEmagazine. The information is always up-to-date, and the editorial comments are insightful and pithy.”
    Parren J. Mitchell, former U.S. Congressman
    Founder of the Minority Business Enterprise
    Legal Defense and Education Fund

“I am writing to let you know that the moment in the sun you provided me, with your superb interview and excellent editing, has been exhilarating. Yours is obviously a well-read magazine based on the number and geographic location of phone calls I've received since the article...I know that the quality of MBE is no fluke, but the result of extremely hard work and focused determination.”
    Fitz Hilaire, Director of Supplier Development
    Avon Products, Inc.
    New York, New York

MBE is the only publication that never makes it to my reading pile - I always take the time to read it as you are consistently right on target with what is current and important...”
    Liz Kahnk, former Executive Director
    National Minority Business Directories
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

“In interviews with myself and others at the Commission, as well as minority and women business owners themselves, MBE has provided positive, objective reporting of the crucial issues that will affect the future success of this vital sector of the American economy. We believe that, under Ms. Conrad's direction, its commitment to quality and diversity of coverage placesMBE in a class by itself...”
    Joshua I. Smith, II, Chairman
    Maxima Corporation
    (also former Chairman, President's Commission on
    Minority Business Development)

Cover of the September/October 2010 issue of MBE MagazineMBE magazine is the Rolls Royce of minority publications.”
    C. Michael Gooden, President
    Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc.
    (former Chairman of the National Coalition of Minority Business)

“I am impressed by the quality and scope of your publication.”
    Maurice H. Stans, former Secretary of Commerce
    Washington, D.C.

“Diversity Information Resources has advertised in and has received MBEmagazine for many years. The information on supplier diversity and personal success stories has kept our organization well-informed and up-to-date on events and issues. We applaud the efforts of MBE magazine and will continue to support its efforts.”
    Leslie Bonds, Executive Director
    Diversity Information Resources, Inc.
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Please keep me on your mailing list. I deeply enjoy this publication. It is excellent! Hats off to Ginger.”
    Paula B. Cullings
    Purchasing Coordinator
    Bureau of Purchasing
    Baltimore, MD


Barbara Oliver

Barbara Oliver is Publisher of Minority Business Entrepreneur (MBE) magazine and President of minority and woman owned Enterprise Publishing Inc., which purchased MBE in 2012. MBE magazine is an award-winning 25+-year-old, national, trade publication for and about minority and women business owners. In her current position, Barbara oversees the day-to-day operations, sales, marketing and public relations for the magazine.

In addition to her full-time responsibilities with the magazine, Barbara represents the publication as an active supporter of the Nevada Minority Supplier Development Council, and serves on various committees of the Women's Business Enterprise Council-West, Women's Business Enterprise National Council, and the Airport Minority Advisory Council. 

Barbara also travels extensively representing the magazine and has been a keynote speaker, moderator and/or panelist at various events throughout the country. 

Barbara joined MBE magazine in 1989 after graduating from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature and completed her Master of Business Administration at the University of Phoenix, Southern California Campus. She became publisher in July 2011. 

A native of the island of Jamaica in the West Indies, Barbara now makes her home in Henderson, Nevada, with her husband and two children. Her hobbies are traveling, singing, and reading.

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MBE's Business Opportunities resource covers business-related financing, consulting, and programs available for the Supplier Diversity community and M/WBEs. Updated monthly.


MBE's M/WBE Resource Directory is a comprehensive list of resource organizations (including links) that support the Supplier Diversity community and M/WBEs.


Refer to MBE's Acronyms & Terminology list for frequently used acronyms and terminology and an overview of the major organizations supporting the Supplier Diversity community.


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